Meet The Grants

Meet the Grants


(Pictured starting from left to right) Georgene Sneed, McKinely Sneed (held by Georgene), Mike Sneed, Susie Grant, Allen Grant SR, Arrah Grant, Stephanie Grant, Spencer Grant Jr. On the very front row, Spencer Grant III and SJ Grant.


We are the Grant Family! We have been in the Christmas Tree business since 1983. We have been serving Henry Country for the last 25+ years and the past 4 generations! Our farm started as a Christmas Tree Farm and has grown into much more! We now are a Pumpkin Patch, Christmas Tree, Haunted House and Educational kind of farm!

Toy Drop

Spencer Grant, The Toy Drop Pilot

Pictured above is Spencer Grant who lived to be 95 years old. He was a Co-owner of the Christmas Tree Farm with his son Allen Grant, Sr back in 1983. As a pioneer Christmas Tree Farmer Spencer Grant dedicated his talent for years to improving the shape of Christmas Trees. He has invented several pieces of equipment to help tree farmers across the United States to improve the quality of their Christmas Trees. This is a special thanks to Spencer for all the many hours dedicated to help us grow a better tree in Georgia.